White Paper

Hippogriff Token

White Paper

Hippogriff Token was created as an alternative and improvement to the community run coins that have came before. 

Many DeFi coins have launched in 2021 and have seen great success, this inspiration led to the creation of Hippogriff Token. We believe a cryptocurrency does not need funding from traditional finance, growth and development can arise from the community itself.

Two main functions happen during a trade, RFI static rewards distributed to holders and LP acquisition RFI Static Rewards gives holders passive rewards through redistribution of trades, this is automatically redistributed to holders' wallets. Automatic LP has each trade automatically generating liquidity which goes into locked pools, helping keep the price consistent as it grows. Fair launch allows anyone and everyone to participate without presale manipulation. Starting Liquidity was provided by Developers.


Hippogriff Token combines tokenomics and contract functions similar to other coins that have exploded. Every transaction made with Hippogriff Token, 5% of every transaction is distributed to holders for passive rewards on holders depending on how many tokens they are holding. 

This token redistribution also gets sent to the burn address which started with over 30% of the token supply, creating a “black hole” deflationary aspect to the token. 

On top of that, another 4% of transaction volume is added to the liquidity pool (LP) to help create a more stable price floor over time as the project expands.

Rewards For Holding

Hippogriff Token holders receive a share of 5% fees applied to every transaction. Essentially taxing swing traders, while rewarding holding.

LP Generation

Every transaction made with Hippogriff Tokens has a 4% transaction fee which goes into the locked liquidity pool. Helping stabilize the token price as the project grows.

Hippogriff Token

Locked Liquidity Pool

LP locked via Team Finance for 4 years, adding to the project safety and trust.

Fair Community Launch 

Hippogriff Tokens are sold via a fair launch for anyone in the community to buy without any pre-sale.